March 31 - All Summed Up

The month concludes indeed with more than double the normal rainfall, but with a net result of still around half of typical precipitation for the 2011-2012 rainy season: on a day (Harriet out in the evening to see Verismo's Giacomo Puccini Madama Butterfly) also including another 21st-Century Music update, pdf re Merton Songs (53), a video of Suite ("Sol[ar]"): VIII. Saturn, and composition for The Decameron (62) and Psalm 91 (4) -- sending excerpts of the latter two (recordings and scores) for Sarita and Wayne, looking forward to the upcoming Fresh Voices XII: Not Shy and Retiring... Mark Alburger's 55th and Friends April 14 show.

Also watch in tandem to above, a marathon of Mission Impossible, Season 2:  5-6. The Slave,

7. The Operation, and

8. The Money Machine.