March 5 - Artificial and Natural

Up late the previous evening, so up late this morning, and out the door to Diablo, where the Theoreticians take in J.S. Bach harmony in video performances -- beginning of the Toccata in D Minor and Passacaglia in C Minor, plus complete Fugue in G Minor ("The Little") and Cantata 140 ("Wachet Auf"): VII... the latter for Dictation and Board Harmony, plus Bb and Eb Major Scales, and B, F#, and C Minor (first Natural, second + Harmonic, third Melodic, up and down, of course).

Returning eventually homeward,

via errands,

the weather has again warmed to count as the sixth "summer day" of the year (tying last month's high of 75), as the 21st-Century Music is done (beginning the May 2012 issue), plus pdf Merton Songs (27), composition of Psalm 89 and The Decameron (3 and 36, beginning First Day / Novel IV "A Monk, Lapsing into Sin, Justly Censures the Same Fault in his Abbott, and thus Escapes Punishment"), and editing re Symphony No. 3 (pages 211-220).