March 12 - Limitless

The daily 21st-Century Music update and a quick new analysis pdf of the Frederic Chopin Piano Prelude No. 4 in E Minor before

flooring it down to DVC -- on a bright, cloud-bespangled day -- for Week 7 with the Theoretians: Hector Berlioz Symphonie Fantastique: V (as part of the Dies Irae solfege legacy, with double counterpoint on same), followed by several of the first few Chopin Preludes (continuing work on the Circle of Fifths), the aforementioned 4th for Dictation / Board-Harmony (brand-new analysis pdf done just before the commute), and an intriguing bluesy Edvard Grieg Peer Gynt: Hall of the Mountain Kingly composition from Tucker.

Return homeward

under suspect skies to do two more analysis-pdf's -- Giuseppe Verdi Aida: Act II Trimphal March and Charles Ives Variations on America Four Excerpts -- + the usual suspicious subjects... pdf Merton Songs (34), and composition of The Decameron (43) and Psalm 90 (2).

Check the email and, lo and behold, Crystal has been accepted into Harvard Divinity School!  Full tuition scholarship and stipend, the highest honors!  Call to congratulate her, and thereafter ring Bette and George.  Parenthetically, the Wikipedia picture of HDS above turns out to be of Andover Hall (what a coincidence).

Soon after, it's time to leave for

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Board Meeting at Davide's, planning the June program with Phil -- Crystal calls back while in transit and we have a nice chat.  Home late.