March 1 - First for Everything

Since beginning weekly walks with Crystal almost a year ago, it has not rained particularly much on our apointed days... until now.  About a minute into our stroll, we turn to each other and say, "Do we really need to do this?  Let's go to breakfast."  And so we do, afterwards dropping her off at Carolyn's, as they are about to depart for an extended weekend in Georgia, visiting Nancy, Manuja, Crystal (mere), and Bill.

Proceed off to Diablo Valley in short order for Quiz 6 with the Theoreticians (musical examples drawn from Claudio Monteverdi, Carlo Gesualdo, Heinrich Schutz, Henry Purcell, Antonio Vivaldi, and J.S. Bach).  Actually remember to teach the substitute gig this time -- all as saved videos from various sources -- the repertory being

Gesualdo - Death in Five Parts (film excerpt), Moro Lasso (excerpt)
(Late Renaissance into Baroque)
Monteverdi - Orfeo: Toccata, Recitative, Dance, Tu se' morta (ex)
Vespers: Deus in Adjutorium, Sancta Maria (ex)
Schutz - reference
Purcell - Abdelazar (ex); Dido and Aeneas: Come Away, I'll Stay (ex), When I Am Laid
Vivaldi - Four Seasons (reference), Gloria: I. Gloria
J.S. Bach - Toccata in D Minor (ex), Passacaglia in C Minor (ex)
Fugue in G Minor ("The Little")
Brandenburg Concerto No. 1: I, WTC (reference)
Cantata No. 80 ("Ein Feste Burg") (reference), Cantata No. 140 ("Wachet Auf"): I (ex)
John Pepusch - The Beggar's Opera (reference)
G.F. Handel - Water Music (reference), Messiah: Hallelujah

All in 75 minutes -- whew!

Write up the



touch base with Jason re matters academically logistical thereafter,

then proceed home,

with errands,

under dramatic skies for the day's other musical goals, including pdf of Merton Songs 23, and composition w/r/t Psalm 88 (7) and The Decameron (32).  Also incorporate more video into playlists for the Music History course through Week 9 (20th-Century Music I).

Thinking of revised essential playlists between then and now as follows

Classical / Romantic I

F.J. Haydn - Symphony No. 94 ("Surprise"): II
W.A. Mozart - Violin Concerto No. 5 ("Turkish"): III
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5: I
Hector Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique: V
Frederic Chopin - Prelude in E Minor
Richard Wagner - Gotterdammerung: Finale

Romantic II

Giuseppe Verdi - Rigoletto: Quartet
Johannes Brahms - Symphony No. 4: III
Antonin Dvorak - Symphony No. 9: I
Giacomo Puccini - La Boheme: Act II
Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 1: III
Scott Joplin - The Entertainer (Ragtime as a 19th-Century Art into the 20th)

20th-Century Music I

Charles Ives - Three Places in New England: II
Arnold Schoenberg - Pierrot Lunaire: I
Bela Bartok: - Concerto for Orchestra: II
Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring: Dances of the Adolescents
Alban Berg - Wozzeck: Act I, Scene 3, March and Lullaby
King Oliver - Dippermouth Blues

Now at 86 MB -- 8.42% -- usage of available space on blog, more than 2 weeks extra...