March 6 - Making the Points

A video of C.P.E Bach's Solfeggietto + The Dictatation Scene from Amadeus as a prelude to Dictation / Keyboard-Solfege / Board Harmony on W.A. Mozart's Sonata in C Major (K. 545): I m1-4 with the Theoreticians.  Return home for plenteous paper-grading (catching up with Theory and proceeding at least apace with the Lit class), with Harriet out and about.  Out again as well in the evening

spectacularity for round two with all matters Baroque, including

Quiz 6, prepping for

Classical and Early Romantic times.

Out late with Owen and company, some concerns re Theoretical logistics (time will tell), then home for the unbelievable schedule of

pdf Merton Songs (28),
composition Psalm 89 (4) and The Decameron (37),
editing Symphony No. 3 (221-230).