March 7 - Shadows

Review for Quiz 7 in Music Theory, plus a video of the W.A. Mozart Piano Sonata in C Major (K. 545): I and making progress towards playing all student composition 2's.  Home thereafter, working non-stop on preparing videos for the

evening's teaching of Jon Bendich's History of Rock course

at the





an area unadorned with signs but

blessed with beautiful views



av-computer-ready classrooms, arriving close to an hour early to become familiar with the situation.  Hopefully a good time was had by most as we proceed in review from Jazz origins in the swing era (Joe Garland and Count Basie, et al) to Muddy Waters, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley.  Return again, now to suspcious tasks inclusing...

pdf Merton Songs (29),
composition of Psalm 89 (5) and The Decameron (38)
editing Symphony No. 3 (pages 231-240)