March 29 - Comes the Dawn

The alarm goes off,

and all is clear and/or

cloudy in proceeding to Marin,

checking the

post box,

meeting Crystal and Stanley for our weekly walk (having been interrupted the past couple, due to rain, etc.).

A nice


then catch

the eastward

trend to



Quiz 10 with the

Theoreticians, followed by another stint (with Doug and coffee) in the lab to record:

Symphony No. 3: IIc, Op. 75
Psalm 75, Op. 197, No. 3 (on Jacob Handl)
The Cop and the Anthem: II, Op. 198
The Decameron, First Book, Novel III, Op. 200
Psalm 90, Op. 202, No. 1

By now, pretty regularly combining Garishtone and Tritone orchestral sounds (rather than either/or -- although Cop II is exlusively the former and 90 is produced in two forms).




early evening to pdf Merton Songs (51) and compose The Decameron (60) and page 2 of Psalm 91.

Somewhat in the spirit of Dorothy Gale, who always had the power to go home, become re-acquainted with the Cubase LE version that has been on both MacBooks, but has not been used much, due to the absence of the Tritone Orchestra.  Now, however, that Garishtone is in place, decide to give the program a go, recording versions of The Cop and the Anthem: III and Quadruple Concerto: I (Op. 83).  As has seemed to be the case in related arenas, seems like one quality is sacrificed to achieve another: in this case, presence over control...

Also discover, in passing, that there are now 2,393 Alburger recordings in iTunes.  Wow....

Additionally, now at 114 MB (11.15%) of the 1024 MB, with roughly a month's space to spare...