June 30 - June 30

Last day to fill out the

ASCAP Plus awards application, or so it seemed, until going online, where thankfully the deadline has been bumped back to September 1, no doubt due to the new challenges of the internet-only option.  Additionally, all reported pieces must be registered with the rights organization + direct deposit needs to be activated.  So, at least begin these tasks by finishing registering each work written in 2011 --

Op. 189 All the Effects in iMovie (2011)
Op. 190 New Big People Old Trouble So Sunday (2011)
Op. 191 Twilight of the iPods (2011) for performers and sound files
Op. 192 All the BBC Sound Files (2011)
Op. 193 100 Sound Effects (2011) for sound files
Op. 194 Octundre (2011) for woodwind and brass quartets
Op. 195 Acid Loops (2011) for sound files
Op. 197 Psalms, Book III (2011) for voices and instruments

-- and reporting as many performances in the past 12 months as possible, given the circumstances of today (more can be cited next weekend).

Additionally, do the day's composition, orchestration, and pdf work... Psalm 99 (7), Decameron - Second Day (24), Violin Concerto (66), San Timoteo Can[yon]tata (10)... and take a supply


June 29 - Day of the Dread

Like a last will and testament (rather over dramatic, that),

do the day's composition / orchestration / pdf -- Psalm 99 (6), The Decameron-Second Day (23), Violin Concerto (65), San Timoteo Can[yon]tata --




Melissa's for more dental adventures (including the first filling since childhood).  Survive without the hallucinogens of yestertime (...not on false drugs...!), instead on a real thing of Philip Glass's classic Music in Twelve Parts on one earbud, with the other aural orifice open to such requests as "open wide."  Like a magic trick, the mind is diverted from the issues at hand (or rather, at teeth) by the simple and complex parameters of minimalism (or is it post?).  While some have found Glassian arpeggios tantamount to a dental drill, such is therapeutically just the opposite in this case...

From here, south to errands,

including a visit to North Bay Computer to see if anything can be done to fix the 1TB hard drive or extract info therein.

The answer so far: no (an unfamilar change in Western Digital configuration),

only partially ameliorated by multiple financial greetings at the post box.

Still feeling game, however, proceed north (now a second time) through Terra Linda and

beyond to

Novato to see the

high-priced folk at

Disk Savers, thinking that perhaps it can be monetarily swung.  When more of the complete story is learned, the response is, once again, a resounding nyet.  Sobered ("save the hard drive, and when you win the lottery..."), 'tis time to camp at Celia's for a time grading all Quiz 4 sheets over typical comestibles and libations,

followed by a third time north, returning to Melissa's on an overheard comment that Suzanne would be stopping by in the late afternoon, and, lo and behold,

we connect, catching up with much news, some astounding and tragic...

Time for the monthly Goat Hall Productions board meeting in Berkeley,

and a challenge to get there,

necessitating a loop around the North


East Bay (the Richmond San Rafael Bridge a decided non-option during radically congested construction),

ultimately arriving for matters bugetary and costume-ary, with Claire at the design helm.

June 28 - Renaissance People

Work our way up to the Renaissance, with

Medieval II quiz just previous to this, returning papers graded












in the glorious newly-arisen light,

and camped at the local

coffee shop for a couple of


After class, return for more composition, orchestration, and pdf work, namely

Psalm 99 (page 5)
The Decameron - Second Day (22)
Violin Concerto (64)
San Timoteo Can[yon]tata (8)

June 27 - For the Records

Fulfilling all righteousness, the board for Music Literature as of the moment, pretty much the same as yesterday (where one will find written version as well as photo) on a

Diablo day proceeding from

Perotin through Ars Antiqua motets (roughly the 1200's, with brief allusions to music of Northwest Africa and Southeast Asia), returning home to welcome -- with Harriet -- the return of Tisha and Claire, the four of us dining together.  In the evening: unload the van of all matters Kurt Weillian Happy Endian, pedal Harriet's bike up to the local petrol stop for re-inflationary purposes, then breathlessly proceed apace to finish the first movement of Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"), Op. 204, pretty much doubling the length, with 26 new pages for a total of 53 (duration, 5:52).

June 26 - Never Bored, Hopefully

G Major
G A B C D E F# G

G Mixolydian

G Dorian
G A Bb C D E F G

G Minor
G A Bb C D Eb F G

Number of Steps in Intervals from a Perfect Fifth to an Octave
P5 = 3 1/2 steps
m6 = 4
M6 = 4 1/2
m7 = 5
M7 = 5 1/2
P8 = 6

Four Types of Wind Instruments (Aerophones)
End-Blown (Flute, Whistle)
Double Reed (Oboe, Bassoon)
Single Reed (Clarinet, Saxophone)
Lip-Buzz (Trumpet, Trombone)

Three Types of Solid-Body Percussion (Idiophones)
Metal (Bells, Vibraphone, Chimes)
Wood (Xylophone, Marimba, Woodblock)
Glass, Earth, Stone (Other)

Three Types of String Instruments (Chordophones)
Suspended-String (Lyre, Harp)
Box-String (Ch'in, Koto, Zither, Piano)
Neck-String (Sitar, Lute, Guitar, Violin)

[1988] Senegal - Greetings from Podor
[7001] Indonesia (Bali) - Gamelan Gong Kebyar
[8170] Leonin - Hec Dies (This Is the Day)
[8220] Ars Antiqua Motet - Alle, Psallite
[8270] Italy (France) - Trotto (Trot Dance)
[8300] Guillaume de Machaut - La Messe de Nostre Dame: I. Kyrie (Notre Dame Mass: I. Kyrie)


Up summer-norm early,

towards the perhaps

eagerly-awaiting throngs,

wrapping up Medieval Music I,

returning to do the day's composition, orchestration, and pdf work: Psalm 99 (page 4), The Decameron - Second Day (21), Double Piano Concerto (27), Violin Concerto (63), San Timoteo Can[yon]tata (7).

In the eve,

back down the



corridor to rendezvous with Harriet (who's been out on a job in San Jose) for,


one of the performances that constitutes the

San Francisco

premiere of

John Adams's

Nixon in China --

every bit as wonderful an opera as it's been since its 1987 inception.

Re-encounter the composer no less than three times in the serendipitous shuffle of the crowds (evidently he never received the Grove draft?), and the meetings seem cordial.

Return late with good thoughts all around.  Review in 21st-centurymusic.blogspot.com and Commuter Times next week, and eventually at 21st-centurymusic.com and the print version.