June 2 - The Shining Darkness

Finally caught up in at least some aspects, so, after the daily pdf and composition, tackle the taxes (OK, a bit late, again, but, as seemingly always, if a refund is due, perhaps no problem).

Hours are spent,

 but still not as many as in past years,


in the

setting sun

set out for the post office for delivery,

returning to take Harriet out to a late dinner.  By now, have made mixes of SFCCO pieces by Michael Kimbell, Sheli Nan, and Davide Verotta in preparation for next week's concert -- 8pm, June 9, Old First Presbyterian Church, San Francisco, CA.  In the late hours, cannot resist beginning Op. 203 The Decameron (Second Day), with Novel I: Martellino Pretends to Be a Paralytic.