June 19 - So Far So

Quiz 1 for the Music Historians, beginning to look ahead to our second written exercise on June 21, material for the latter including

Four Textures

Monophonic - One line of music, strictly performed
Heterophonic - One line of music, freely performed
Polyphonic - More than one line of music, lines of roughly equal importance
Homophonic - More than one line of music, one line more important than the others


(4200) China - The Strumming of an Old Man in a Refined State of Intoxication
(5659) Egypt - The Trumpet of Tutankhamun
(6970) Asia Minor (Turkey) - Epitaph of Seikilos


Linger thereafter with Doug and Dylan, playing Edgar Varese's Hyperprism and the first two numbers of Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach at fairly high volumes,

then make the jump homeward for more catch-up.  All about rhythm, repetition, and change.  Or should it be "rhythm: repetition and change"?...  Or is it all about punctuation?  Or about work?  The below happens as well:

Psalms, Book IV, Op. 202 - Psalm 98  - composition of 7th system
The Decameron - Second Day, Op. 203 - page 14
Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"), Op. 204 - 20
Violin Concerto ("Ticklish") - 56, the ongoing orchestration
Crystal Series - 30, concluding the pdf