June 30 - June 30

Last day to fill out the

ASCAP Plus awards application, or so it seemed, until going online, where thankfully the deadline has been bumped back to September 1, no doubt due to the new challenges of the internet-only option.  Additionally, all reported pieces must be registered with the rights organization + direct deposit needs to be activated.  So, at least begin these tasks by finishing registering each work written in 2011 --

Op. 189 All the Effects in iMovie (2011)
Op. 190 New Big People Old Trouble So Sunday (2011)
Op. 191 Twilight of the iPods (2011) for performers and sound files
Op. 192 All the BBC Sound Files (2011)
Op. 193 100 Sound Effects (2011) for sound files
Op. 194 Octundre (2011) for woodwind and brass quartets
Op. 195 Acid Loops (2011) for sound files
Op. 197 Psalms, Book III (2011) for voices and instruments

-- and reporting as many performances in the past 12 months as possible, given the circumstances of today (more can be cited next weekend).

Additionally, do the day's composition, orchestration, and pdf work... Psalm 99 (7), Decameron - Second Day (24), Violin Concerto (66), San Timoteo Can[yon]tata (10)... and take a supply