June 4 - Filling Up the Voids

Do pdf of Crystal Series (page 19), compose more Psalm 97 and The Decameron - Second Day (12 and 3, respectively), and finally begin the orchestration of Violin Concerto ("Ticklish"), Op. 87, with the first 12 pages.

Tisha arrives as refugee from the northwest,

and soon thereafter we are

all out the door,

in the present case lingering at the

Pinole Fitzgerald





across the


and down 280 to


second rehearsal of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra's Tenth-Anniversary Gala Program, with music of John Beeman, Sheli Nan, Michael Kimbell, William Severson, Martha Stoddard, Samuel Ostroff, John Cage, Igor Stravinsky, Mark Alburger, and Davide Verotta -- with challenges and noticeable progress.

Home through Marin and Sonoma, with Schoenberg in the air.