January 31 - At the Crack

Up and out early, the second Tuesday hike with Crystal and

Stanley, fog in the valleys east and everywhere west, all proceeding smoothly (such an incredible difference from Mondays) -- we talk of books read (including strategies... with Christina we are all "polygamous readers", carrying on a number of literary relationships simultaneously) and lives lived.  Back on the road, beyond errands,

the blitz

is made

to Diablo,


Joyce Pricco and company are holding vocal company, with a dynamic solo from Samantha, followed by an equally impressive a capella from a friend.  Music Theory proceeds apace with aplomb, featuring more on Bass Clef, dictation on the Ancient Greek First Delphic Hymn, with board work entailing Prime/Retrograde/Inversion/Retrograde-Inversion.


via inconclusive investigations 'round matters ocular,

under clearing skies (with a realization in comparing pieces recorded by the Tritone and Garishtone Orchestra that there is still much to be said for the former), the afternoon is of rest and Theory paper grading, returning for the evening class, where coverage ranges from the Yurok Women's Brush Dance

(part of Quiz 1) through the Nigerian Yoruba Talking Drum, to the Grecian Epitaph of Seikilos -- looking towards next week

(N.B. the F Lydian Mode is simply the white-note succession FGABCDEF -- preliminary "E" above being a relict "Ti" left from the night's discussion of a particular melodic usage).  Doug confirms the perception of Tritone vs. Garishtone afterwards,

and we break for libations with Owen, followed by a late return.  Somewhere in it all are the day's other musical endeavors, including finishing the pdf for Street Songs: XI. Shaving Cream (three pages total), and composition of Psalm 86 and The Decameron (system and page 4 respectively).

January 30 - Taking a Stand

After the 21st-Century Music update, shocked to find Frank and Marie's front tree coming down --

a beautiful one, but on the old side and causing them problems... oh well...

Off to

DVC on

the early side (on the way, having placed on iTunes The Decameron work-in-progress, through the "What shall we do" sketch, come up with the scene for Ser Ciappelletto and the friar, which will be a blues shuffle based on the Gregorian Chant Kyrie IV combined with the Charles Ives Majority, at the 4/2), not even bothering to try to park onsite, but instead walking from a remote point, and -- on this the third attempt -- finally arrive early enough to have a traditional, front-end-with-audio/visuals class, including a new short video from the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Orchestra.  Also play the Chinese Bone Flute and Music of Korea videos; review Treble Clef, Half and Whole Steps, Interval Number, P1/m2/M2; give the Sol Bloom Snake Charmer dictation/keyboard-solfege (play the Guido d'Arrezzo Hymn to St. John as well); and introduce Bass Clef.

Homeward (ah, symbolism!),

somewhat gloomward (but it's only weather, after all), with sun breaks, as the saying goes -- move ahead with Pdf Street Songs: Shaving Cream, page 2, and link half the pdf's of Aerial Requiem (with cover), and composition of Psalm 86 and The Decameron, system 3 and page 3... before and after an extensive what-day-is-it respite...

January 29 - Heads and Tales

Lucky day at home with Harriet, for 21st-Century Music catch-up (mailing out the truant April and May 2011 issues) and updates (including an expanded recordings section for the current issue-in-progress... March 2012), beginning the pdf for Street Songs: XII. Shaving Cream, composing a second system of Psalm 86 ("Bow Down Thine Ear," after a Franck vocal trio) and page two for The Decameron. (Charles Ives 114 Songs for inspiration, his Symphony No. 4 for orchestration)...

January 28 - Hundreds of Days

First complete day off since the semester's start, and, actually, somewhat before that, given the activity of last weekend -- so there is time enough to do the daily 21st-Century Music update; finish up the pdf for Street Songs: XI. Push-Broom (four pages total); compose a second system of Psalm 86 ("Bow Down Thine Ear");

design a cover, link the pdf's, and post Sinfonietta (Op. 26) on

The International Music Score Library Project, and complete perusings of two Saul Bellow novels:

Henderson the Rain King (1959) and

Herzog (1965).  Continuing on with the reading / re-reading project (novels that happen to be in the home library, in alphabetical order by author's last name), next up is Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron and -- inspired by Lisa Scola Prosek et al -- cannot resist beginning a setting (at top), as Opus 200, the first new composition of the new year, and the milestone for the upcoming Not Shy and Retiring: Mark Alburger's 55th and Friends concert in April.

Briefly out for errands, but the rest of the day home with Harriet.

January 27 - Onward the Line of Roses

Almost a full day off after the first week of Spring Semester 2012, and already more catch-up, but moving ahead nonetheless with pdf of Street Songs: Push-Broom page 3, beginning the composition of Psalm 86 ("Bow Down Thine Ear"), and editing pdf and producing audio movements of Sinfonietta (Op. 26, amongst the fair number of revisions, an inordinate amount of time spent figuring out how to change font and reposition first and second ending texts in Finale -- again, hardly an intuitive and easy process, but grateful for a variety of information found online).

Evening given over to the monthly Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera Board Meeting with Eliza O'Malley, Sarita Cannon, Harriet March Page, and John Bilotta -- looking over, among other items, the offerings of Vertical Response.

Early in the am, very pleased and surprised to receive these kind words re San Rafael News: X. Sylvia Dreyer (after a police poster) from "girldreyer" on YouTube:


In a moment of naustalgia and longing for a mothers connection I searched for her name on line and lo found this piece. I am Silvia's daughter and was so pleased to have found this musical interpretation. Mom would have loved this. Haunting, interesting and somehow so apt for Silvia. Thank you Mr Alburger.


Now 61 MB (6%) of the 1024 MB -- c. three days ahead of schedule...

January 26 - New and Old

The daily 21st-Century Music update,

before winging towards Diablo Valley College, with just enough time (the most remote parking ever in 10 years) for

Quiz 1 with the Spring 2012 Theoreticians, with musical examples drawn from Ancient Egypt and China,

touching base with many of the Fall 2011




Following the jaunt to the car,




heroic skies up 680,





finish the composition of Psalm 85 and continue the pdf for Street Songs: XI. Push-Broom -- page 2 in both cases.

January 25 - Pushing the Limits

Barely enough time to make it out the door, and decidedly not enough room in the DVC parking lot -- but, somehow, Theory happens all the same, with Board work on melodic passages and their inversions, a dictation and discussion of the proto-bluesy Chinese Entrance Hymn of the Emperor (c. 1000 BC), review, and sympathetic vibrations piano demonstration of the overtone series above the lowest C.

Return, as Harriet heads off for a job, to begin the pdf for Street Songs: XI. Push-Broom and composition of Psalm 85.

Now at 59 MB (5.83%) of the 1024 MB -- only five days ahead of scheduled usage...

January 24 - Dawn of Ideas

A busy day ahead,


will it start with an easy passage to Marin?












than the first, checking the post box and eventually connecting with Crystal and Stanley at the

open space, reflecting on fine times past, present, and future.





the bridge to


it is

day 2 with

Joyce Pricco's

Vocal Workshop,


Music Theory, the latter featuring Lowell Mason's Mary Had a Little Lamb for Dictation / Keyboard-Solfege, and Prime/Retrograde as topic re Board work.

Spend a couple of hours more in class development/revison work and a couple more in to-and-from Solano,






light to the first

Music Literature session,

with 19 late adds (and possibly 20, if a young lady who was turned away early can be located).

Good times

all around,

looking ahead to Quiz 1 next week, and

including the re-establishment of post-class at the local pub, with Owen, and hopefully Doug and others eventually.  Late return to check in re pdf of Street Songs: X. No Turn and composition for Psalm 84, finishing both, at 3 and 14 pages, respectively.