January 31 - At the Crack

Up and out early, the second Tuesday hike with Crystal and

Stanley, fog in the valleys east and everywhere west, all proceeding smoothly (such an incredible difference from Mondays) -- we talk of books read (including strategies... with Christina we are all "polygamous readers", carrying on a number of literary relationships simultaneously) and lives lived.  Back on the road, beyond errands,

the blitz

is made

to Diablo,


Joyce Pricco and company are holding vocal company, with a dynamic solo from Samantha, followed by an equally impressive a capella from a friend.  Music Theory proceeds apace with aplomb, featuring more on Bass Clef, dictation on the Ancient Greek First Delphic Hymn, with board work entailing Prime/Retrograde/Inversion/Retrograde-Inversion.


via inconclusive investigations 'round matters ocular,

under clearing skies (with a realization in comparing pieces recorded by the Tritone and Garishtone Orchestra that there is still much to be said for the former), the afternoon is of rest and Theory paper grading, returning for the evening class, where coverage ranges from the Yurok Women's Brush Dance

(part of Quiz 1) through the Nigerian Yoruba Talking Drum, to the Grecian Epitaph of Seikilos -- looking towards next week

(N.B. the F Lydian Mode is simply the white-note succession FGABCDEF -- preliminary "E" above being a relict "Ti" left from the night's discussion of a particular melodic usage).  Doug confirms the perception of Tritone vs. Garishtone afterwards,

and we break for libations with Owen, followed by a late return.  Somewhere in it all are the day's other musical endeavors, including finishing the pdf for Street Songs: XI. Shaving Cream (three pages total), and composition of Psalm 86 and The Decameron (system and page 4 respectively).