January 14 - The Works

Upon examining the biographical write-up at Bach Cantatas, discover that the inclusion seems to be based on the JSB-like titles of Opp. 60 and 162 (also, just learned why the plural of Op. is Opp. -- evidently Latin abbrieviated plural titles simply add a duplicate of the last letter)... and, while these pieces are definitely Bachian, so are a number of others.  As such, decide to explicate a bit, with a new posting at http://markalburgerworks.blogspot.com/, specifically Grids, Influence, Quotations, Tropes (http://markalburgerworks.blogspot.com/2012/01/inspiration-and-troping-sources.html), and make it through Twelve Preludes and Fugues ("Topical") for starts, with citations ranging from the overtone series, Universal Children's Taunt, African Music, Chinese, Japanese, Balinese, Indian, and Middle-Eastern Music through Gerald Levinson, Sting, David Byrne, DJ Cool Herc, Johnny Rotten, Madonna, Prince, and Under the Boardwak --

puting up the old Delusions of Beethoven picture as a reference.

Somewhere in here,

before the

sun sets, also do the pdf for page 35 Street Songs [second page of VIII. I See You, which has to be pretty much redone] and 4th sheet of Psalm 84.