January 27 - Onward the Line of Roses

Almost a full day off after the first week of Spring Semester 2012, and already more catch-up, but moving ahead nonetheless with pdf of Street Songs: Push-Broom page 3, beginning the composition of Psalm 86 ("Bow Down Thine Ear"), and editing pdf and producing audio movements of Sinfonietta (Op. 26, amongst the fair number of revisions, an inordinate amount of time spent figuring out how to change font and reposition first and second ending texts in Finale -- again, hardly an intuitive and easy process, but grateful for a variety of information found online).

Evening given over to the monthly Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera Board Meeting with Eliza O'Malley, Sarita Cannon, Harriet March Page, and John Bilotta -- looking over, among other items, the offerings of Vertical Response.

Early in the am, very pleased and surprised to receive these kind words re San Rafael News: X. Sylvia Dreyer (after a police poster) from "girldreyer" on YouTube:


In a moment of naustalgia and longing for a mothers connection I searched for her name on line and lo found this piece. I am Silvia's daughter and was so pleased to have found this musical interpretation. Mom would have loved this. Haunting, interesting and somehow so apt for Silvia. Thank you Mr Alburger.


Now 61 MB (6%) of the 1024 MB -- c. three days ahead of schedule...