January 12 - All in the Setting Sun

Harriet out on a huge job most of the day -- we have morning and evening together, at the latter time watching the

San Francisco Ballet production of Lera Auerbach's The Little Mermaid (2005) -- and there is a sense that, while still behind in so many ways, some definite catch-up has finally been achieved, continuing pdf of Street Songs (33, VII. Irish Potatos) and composing a second page of Psalm 84, a trope on Johannes Brahms's like-inspired movement, How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place, from A German Requiem, somehow informed by David Bowie's 1984).

Abroad in the late afternoon, for more financial dealings, all positive, and a playlist of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem, Stephen Schwartz's Godspell, and Ronnie Van Zant et al's Sweet Home Alabama and Free Bird.

Call Erling with regard to a Finale foible... the seeming impossiblily of the program to allow both horizontal lines of a sixteenth-note beam to extend over an eighth rest or larger.  E even falls back on the typical program defense (which many others use online, but seemingly never him) to the effect of "why would you want to do that?" / "I've never seen such in music" -- yet assurances are made that this pops up in George Crumb, etc., although, when consulting scores later, admittedly cannot find such examples beyond the Alburger canon... OK, well, a that's good enough reason: the look of one's own music... Searching around, at last the solution is found: the Special Tools, Beam Extension, the key is clicking the handle/box of the first note in the group, selecting "16th", and then dragging from the box itself, rather than from the secondary beam line.... Hallelujah!  Quite a bit of time is spent on this, but the look affects quite a lot of the music over the years...

So, in the spirit of when Crystal as a child first knew something that I didn't know (the name of the boy-transformed-into-donkey in the Disney Pinocchio ["Alexander" -- "Hey, this one can still talk!"]), have now reached a point where a number of items have been figured out beyond computer gurus...

Beyond Owen on rehearsal numbers in Finale (thanks to Erling)
Beyond Doug in aspects of iMovie
Beyond Crystal in pdf opening and production
Beyond Ering on the extend-the-secondary-beam-over-larger-rest in Finale

All four of above folks remain considerably more brilliant than I overall in computer matters, etc., yet it's nice to have developed a bit of modest expertise moving forward...

Extensive playlist for the day is

Patrick Dailly
The Discovery of Timbuktu

Sting selections from

David Byrne
Stop Making Sense

Stewart Copeland
Miss Gradenko

Danny Elfman
The Simpsons

James Horner

Chas Smith
Santa Fe

Tan Dun
Ghost Opera
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Purple Rain

Lisa Scola Prosek
Leonardo's Notebooks
Sorrento Variant

Erling Wold
On the Death of David Blakely
Sub Pontio Pilato

The Joshua Tree

Osvaldo Golijov

Harry Gregson Williams
Kingdom of Heaven

Michael Torke
Saxophone Concerto

Kurt Cobain
In Utero

Steven Clark
Amok Time

Michael Romeo
The Odyssey

Thom Yorke
Kid A

Michael Cooke
Ha Meaggel
Stripes and Stars

Ben Gibbard

Robinson McClellan
Prodigal Songs

Sarah The Delirium Ride
Daylight's Flight

Ryan Ross
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Seth Chapla
Out of My League

Christine Urban

Chanell Wilson
Mountains Away

Hiraoki Asakawa
Alburger's Wrath

John Ferry
Final Composition

Jamison Leggett
Intrusion of the Mind

Which pretty much wraps up chronologically what's in the iTunes collection at present (aside from the extensive Alburger recordings) -- although started this project somewhere in the middle, so....