November 30 - Double Vision

Another beautiful morning with Harriet, despite the weather, then two features,

along a yellow (rubber?) line,

with the duo of Carol and Kate, first

Life of Pi,

followed by a breakfasty lunch, and returning for

Anna Karenina (2012).

After this, just enough time through heavy rain and traffic through the Caldecott to Zoltan di Bartolo's, for the monthly Goat Hall Productions Board Meeting,

with a quartet of Michelle Jasso, Harriet March Page,

Zoli, and John McGrew --

settling on three major shows for the year, two main performances each at Community Music Center... the summer one including excerpts from Mark Alburger's The Decameron, plus John Bilotta's Quantum Mechanic, and Allan Crossman's Mozart, Where Are You?

Home to take in Great Religions of the World with H, then late-night pdf (finishing Spectral Preludes: II. Yellow-Orange) and compositional work on Double Piano Concerto: III (page 2), and The Decameron - Third Day: Novel VII (4).

November 29 - Apres Moi

et Harriet, et le Deluge

continues to

DVC for the end of the the first week of

Music Theory Student Teaching: Erik and James for Dictation, and Miguel for Board Harmony with the Lennon-McCartney A Day in the Life,

plus compositions by many, including

Adrian and

Ivan -- all doing a fine job, as has everyone all week. 

Short rations, voodoo financing, looping around towards

Oakland to again assist

Tisha on her 11th-hour transition,



into the new digs before another full-fledged torrent begins.

Homeward along a watered front with Harriet, rather exhausted from it all, but not too so to take in several episodes of  

The Closer: Season 5, plus pdf Spectral Preludes: II. Yellow-Orange, page 2, beginning composition of Double Piano Concerto: III, and third sheet for The Decameron - Third Day: Novel VII) work follows.

November 28 - To the Boards

Lovely early morning with Harriet, despite torrential rain, first of supposedly three storms, and Third Day of Student Teaching with the Theoreticians - Joe going to the piano early for Dictation of John Williams's Indiana Jones: Main Title, Rich for Sight-Singing, and Zac for Board Harmony.








bout of inclemency, grading papers, preparing for the evening class, with Harriet while watching

Beyond Our Differences --

returning in the dark of night for Music Literature: John Adams, Sting, Mark Alburger, Tan Dun, Erling Wold, Prince... and

back and beyond in preparation for the Exam two weeks hence (the rest posted next week at this time):

Write 8 Bars of Music

Short Essay (5+ Sentences):
Write Briefly Upon the Development of Music (i.e. Where Has Music Been?)

[8960] Bono - With or Without You
[8960] Golijov - Oceana: I
[8967] Cobain - Heart-Shaped Box
[8968] S. Clark - Amok Time
[8968] Yorke - Morning Bell
[7970] M. Cooke - Ha Meaggel


Late-night pdf (beginning Spectral Preludes: II. Yellow-Orange) and composition (finishing Double Piano Concerto: II, with page 29, and third sheet for The Decameron - Third Day: Novel VII.) work follows.

November 27 - Outposts in the Fog

Finish the pdf of Spectral Preludes: I. Yellow (2 pages),

arriving at DVC for the second day of Music Theory Student Teaching, with Jordan (his own C Melodic Minor Dictation) and Alan

(Board Harmony


Composition 3-4).



Carol, then










Harriet, and the composition of Double Piano Concerto: II, page 28, and second sheet for The Decameron - Third Day: Novel VII.