November 29 - Apres Moi

et Harriet, et le Deluge

continues to

DVC for the end of the the first week of

Music Theory Student Teaching: Erik and James for Dictation, and Miguel for Board Harmony with the Lennon-McCartney A Day in the Life,

plus compositions by many, including

Adrian and

Ivan -- all doing a fine job, as has everyone all week. 

Short rations, voodoo financing, looping around towards

Oakland to again assist

Tisha on her 11th-hour transition,



into the new digs before another full-fledged torrent begins.

Homeward along a watered front with Harriet, rather exhausted from it all, but not too so to take in several episodes of  

The Closer: Season 5, plus pdf Spectral Preludes: II. Yellow-Orange, page 2, beginning composition of Double Piano Concerto: III, and third sheet for The Decameron - Third Day: Novel VII) work follows.