November 6 - Rejoice

Well, he did it again, but it was a tense one, at a number of points -- early on thinking, "but the West Coast hasn't checked in" -- and then, just as predicted, Ohio, but then slight uncertainty (shades of calling East in 2000 and subsequently being disappointed), followed by much rejoicing -- with the above map, predicted well in advance right down to problematic, late-reporting Florida.

We raptly watch the election reports to the end with Harriet, Tisha, and Marek, noting also joyously the passage of Proposition 30 and defeat of several ignominous ones.

The day begins as semi-usual, a reveille of Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"): II, composition of page 6, proceeding to Diablo Valley College for

Dictation / Keyboard-Solfege / Board Harmony on Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar: Hosanna -- this, plus George Crumb's Black Angels and review, since Quiz 12 is imminent, given the upcoming trip back East...

Lunch with Carol, who has returned from the Georgia wedding,

with an ensuing

swing by 

Berkeley's Copyworld -- with evidence of the Sacramento-based supermarket strike --

to wait for and pick up the November 2012 issue of 21st-Century Music.


homeward through

Contra Costa



for the election frolics, much of it while composing The Decameron - Third Day: Novel V. "Ricciardo Zima Gives a Horse to Messer Francesco Vergellesi" (5) and doing the third pdf sheet for At a Photo Shop.