November 10 - Student-Alumni Composition Concert

Department of Music and Dance
Alumni Relations Office
Alumni Council
The Friends of Music and Dance at Swarthmore

3rd Annual Swarthmore College 
Student and Alumni
Composers Concert
with Student and Alumni Perfomers

Saturday, November 10, 2012
Lang Concert Hall
Swarthmore College


Osmosis Song (2010, released 2012) - Lacy James '84
music video
Lacy James, vocals & keyboards / Ross Bellenoit, guitars
Ken Pendergast, bass / Jeff Hiatt, bass & percussion / Charlie Patierno, drums

From Both Dimensions (2012) - Niels Verosky '14
solo piano
Ben Kapilow '13, piano

Ecclesiastes Tropes, Op. 129 (2005) - Mark Alburger '79
III. For Everything
IV. Again I Saw
V.-VI. There Is Evil
voice & music video
Mark Alburger, voice

Piece of a Piece (2012) - Sophia Uddin '11
piano four-hands
Rachel Kolb Moore '91, piano / Christina Moore, piano

Arrival in a Distant Land (2012) - The Gabriel Construct
Gabriel Riccio '11
solo voice
Gabriel Riccio, voice

Mr. X of Y (2011) - Emily Aubrey '89
Is What It Is (2012) - Melissa Running '94
fiddle & guitar
Emily Aubrey, fiddle / Lisa Wildman '84, guitar


Danz Kompaktor - David Barnes '88
electroacoustic media: ambient/experimental
David Barnes, violas, sampled bits of viola, hammer dulcimer, & percussion
djembes, distored electric guitars, sampled steel drums, sound design
James Brooks, undistored electric guitars
Charles Cohen, Buchla analog synthesizer

From Both Dimensions (2012) - Niels Verosky '14
solo piano
Ben Kapilow '13, piano

phantasmagorial (2012) - Jermy Rapaport-Stein '14
clarinet, cello, & piano
Zoe Cina-Sklar '15, clarinet / Axel Kodat '15, cello / Andrew Hauze '04

How She Became (2012) - Ben Kapilow '13
In memoriam Diane Arbus
voice & piano
Lisa Wildman, voice / Ben Kapilow, piano

Dona Nobis Pacem (1974) - Peter Schickele '57
Swing, Swing, Swing (1979) - Peter Schickele '57
vocal rounds
Mark Alburger / Emily Aubrey / Lisa Lee '81
Jim Moskowitz '88 / Ellen Sasse '86
Thomas Whitman '81 / Lisa Wildman

Auriga (2012) - Robert Fain '14
solo clarinet
Zoe Cina-Sklar, clarinet

Call Drop Blues (2012) - Alejandro Sills '13
piano, cello, alto saxophone, & tenor vocals
Ben Kapilow, piano / Olivia Edwards '16, cello
Robert Fain, alto saxophone / Mark Alburger, tenor vocals


Before this,

breakfast with Bette and George,

departing for


(with Dorothy Freeman

calling back to acknowledge that

she and Jim plan to

attend the


Andrew at last solving the volume dilemma, and with Harriet's reminder on the phone to be visible to the audience, we leave the lights on low, rather than off.

After more



final rehearsal for

Alejandro's piece is followed by one for the

Schickele canons, and the program

(with a little eleventh-hour tech swap, involving computer a moi) is upon us, with

Bette and George, Steve and Hilary,

Jim and Dorothy,

Jerry, and many others in the

responsive crowd.

Rendezvous with 

Lisa, who is at another Alumni function,

thereafter, and after an initial foray to parking-spaceless Media, we settle for dinner at a fine Chinese spot to the west.

Late night visit to Elaine Wilson for brownies and conviviality, then return to roost among the compositional improbabilities of Double Piano Concerto: II [page 10] and The Decameron - Third Day: Novel 5 [8] and pdf for At a Photo Shop [7]).