January 30 - Taking a Stand

After the 21st-Century Music update, shocked to find Frank and Marie's front tree coming down --

a beautiful one, but on the old side and causing them problems... oh well...

Off to

DVC on

the early side (on the way, having placed on iTunes The Decameron work-in-progress, through the "What shall we do" sketch, come up with the scene for Ser Ciappelletto and the friar, which will be a blues shuffle based on the Gregorian Chant Kyrie IV combined with the Charles Ives Majority, at the 4/2), not even bothering to try to park onsite, but instead walking from a remote point, and -- on this the third attempt -- finally arrive early enough to have a traditional, front-end-with-audio/visuals class, including a new short video from the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics Orchestra.  Also play the Chinese Bone Flute and Music of Korea videos; review Treble Clef, Half and Whole Steps, Interval Number, P1/m2/M2; give the Sol Bloom Snake Charmer dictation/keyboard-solfege (play the Guido d'Arrezzo Hymn to St. John as well); and introduce Bass Clef.

Homeward (ah, symbolism!),

somewhat gloomward (but it's only weather, after all), with sun breaks, as the saying goes -- move ahead with Pdf Street Songs: Shaving Cream, page 2, and link half the pdf's of Aerial Requiem (with cover), and composition of Psalm 86 and The Decameron, system 3 and page 3... before and after an extensive what-day-is-it respite...