February 1 - Always Ambiguity

We never know,

which keeps it interesting,

heading out the door to the Theoreticians (again early that what has been the norm, yet, with remote parking, with just enough time to fulfill all righteousness) for a discussion of C Clefs and beyond, plus the Gregorian Kyrie IV for dictation, board work on same re linear intervals, and general review.



errands, Harriet out on a job, the pdf of Street Songs: XII. Sometimes I Feel is done, also composing system 5 for Psalm 86 and analogous page re The Decameron.

And, for the first time since the first of the year, finally days to spare re blog space -- now at 63 MB (6.19%) of the 1024 MB... which corresponds to the budgeted usage of yesterday, rather than today...