February 16 - Acts from the Epistles

Get an early-morning text from Lori Garvey (and actually figure out how to respond to it -- is this a first?), re Mike and Samantha's availability for the 55th anniversary show... so, off and running on Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp ("Family"), Op. 201, finishing rough draft of first movement by the end of the day (45 pages total), and provisionally recording same with the Garishtone Orchestra, recognizing that, thus far, exposed instrumental passages are particularly powerful in chamber-music situations.

Also do the daily 21st-Century Music and Diablo Valley College work,

commuting re the latter for Quiz 4 with the Theoraticians,

the musical selections from which include excerpts of contrary-motion organum on Kyrie IV,  the Orkney Islands Hymn to St. Magnus, Latin Lyric Song of the Ass, Leonin, Perotin, the Italian La Rotta, Richard Coeur-de-Lion's Ja Nuns on Pris, Machaut's La Messe de Nostre Dame, and Conrad Paumann's Mit Ganczem Willen.

Work on the Triple Concerto continues in the evening, sometimes in counterpoint to Preston Sturges's Unfaithfully Yours.