February 7 - Root of an Unfocus

Since Crystal and I have started out weekly walks, back in April of last year,

we've really not had a morning of relentless rain, until...

well, not this week, either, it turns out.

And no complaints,

only looping round as far as the

western end of the Eucalpytus



returning for errands and the

blast to Diablo Valley College,

where Joyce Pricco's class has the pleasure of listening to

Feona Jones's new piece.  Following this,

it's Music Theory once again, now a run at the Musica Enchiriadis Rex Coelis,

the first harmonized bass line of the semester re same, and fine student compositions including a stirring Dorian one in 5/4 by Nick. 


with more stops, to grade the week's papers,

returning for the evening class, proceeding from about six versions of the Greek Seikilos Epitaph (three new impressive ones from YouTube), via a fair amount of Gregorian Chant, focussing on Kyrie IV, through two renditions the Moroccan Lala Fatima --

looking ahead to next week

Directly home thereafter, although not without encountering what seems to be the same streetcleaning truck at the same time as last week.  Astoundingly, do the daily update of 21st-Century Music before all this, and somehow work in pdf of Merton Songs, page 2, plus composition re Psalm 87 (fourth measure) and The Decameron (sheet 11).