February 24 - Dark Alterations

Feeling a bit on the mend, and the weather still cooperating, continuing the first temps above 70 for the year (81 days since the last so), in this run of four days (72, 75, 73, 73 -- last year's three-day run of related highs... 77, 78, 71... happened even earlier, on February 5-7, in a year with an 80-day lower-temp gap).  A fine time to do 21st-Century Music work and Pdf of Merton Songs 17, beginning composition of Psalm 87 and continuing that for The Decameron, with page 26 --



to Goat Hall Productions Board Meeting.

Life changes...

Later, acquire and watch Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn's My Dinner with Andre (1981).

Also receive an email question from Charles Hiroshi Garrett -- of Grove Online and The Grove Dictionary of American Music, Second Edition -- re humor in recent art music; and will definitely turn to this subject tomorrow...