February 17 - Magical Times

Get word via Facebook of a concert of

Tom Nunn's original instruments -- so, despite that this is the only day off in some time and some time to come, simply must (after the days typical musical endeavors... pdf Merton Songs 10, composition 11th measure Psalm 86 and 20th page Decameron) head down to

San Francisco Community Music Center to take in the sonic and visual spectacles and spectaculars, including

1. Tom Nunn, Crab
Bart Hopkins, Fingerbars and Moe

2. Allan Crossman - Plasticity
Tom Nunn, Sonoglyph
Allan Crossman, Piano

3. Tom Nunn, T-Rodimba
Mike Knowlton, Guitar
Gary Knowlton, Electric Bass

4. Music for Hard Times
Tom Nunn, Lukie Tubes
Paul Winstanley, Electric Bass

5. RTD3
Tom Nunn, Skatchbox


Lukie Tubes
Ron Heglin, Voice
Doug Carrol, Cello

6. David Michalak - Skatchbox Blues
Aurora Josephson, Voice
Mike Knowlton, Guitar
Gary Knowlton, Guitar
David Michalak, Skatchbox

7. Tom Nunn, Crab
Ed Herrmann, T-Rodimba

8. T.D. Skatchit & Company
Tom Nunn and David Michalak, Skatchboxes
1. Rent Romus, Alto and Soprano Sax

2. Aurora Josephson, Voice

9. Ghost in the House
Tom Nunn, Crustacean and Lukie Tubes
Karen Stackpole, Gongs and Percussion
David Michalak, Lap Steel Guitar
John Ingle, Soprano and Alto Sax
Bart Hopkin, Disorderly Tumbling Forth

Lots of familiar folk in attendance, including Laurie Amat, Henry Bernstein, Patti and Joel Deuter, Steve Mobia, and Zak.  Review soon at 21st-centurymusic.blogspot.com and eventually at 21st-century.com and in print.