February 18 - Smoke, Mirrors, and Light

Up early and, after 21st-Century Music work,

out towards

Berkeley and

Julia Morgan Chamber Arts House for the

Goat Hall Productions Matchmaker Event, led by Harriet March Page, with pianist Skye Atman,

including some auditions (Marni Margolese,

Wayne Wong -- who has expressed interest in singing an Alburger piece at Fresh Voices XII in April -- and

Jessica Smith) and casting for

Kurt Weill's  

Happy End, Matthew Owens's City of St. Francis, and J.J. Hollingsworth's Pomp and Circumstances.

Circuitously home thereafter,

under improving and striking skies,

for the day's other musical endeavors (pdf Merton Songs 11, composition 12th measure Psalm 86 and 21th page Decameron),, etc...