February 20 - The Joys of Uncertainty

The daily 21st-Century Music work and on the road prematurely, given the Presidents Day break, but at least extra practice is done re dialogue and music for tonight's Kurt Weill Threepenny Opera, which (after other typical labours -- pdf Merton Songs 13, composition 14th measure Psalm 86 and 23rd page Decameron) happens soon enough,

beyond the

scenic 80

corridor, and, voila,

Allison remembers her music and an audience appears at



Werx for a very enjoyable and strong performance, such that, looks like we'll be recapitulating the show next month, in such scenes and songs including

"You are about to hear an opera for beggars",

The Ballad of Mac the Knife

Peachum's Morning Chorale,

Love Song,


Barbara Song,

"You're a terrible person, Mac!",


The Ballad of Sexual Dependency,

"You'll get ten shillings, Jenny",

"Macheath is not a man to give up his old habits",

Pirate Jenny,

Tango Ballad,

"You beast!",

Jealousy Duet,

Second Threepenny Finale,

Solomon Song, and

"Once the cash is not a problem, happy endings can take place."