February 21 - What Does It All Mean?

Red sky at morning and evening, so who knows what it means,

plunging into the

fog significantly east of the






in it all through the delightful weekly walk with

Crystal and Stanley (squeezing in a new pdf of Louis Bourgeois's Old Hundredth before the appointed rendezvous),

proceeding only as far as the


eucalyptus forest

before beating a

misty retreat.


postbox check and other errands (including a great long-sought discovery at a local convenience store),

turn to the East Bay,

joining the DVC Theoreticians for dictation / keyboard-solfege / board harmony of above, moving as fast as possible through Week 5 material, given the briefness of this particular academic week -- covering additional topics including Chords in C Major and A Minor, plus A Minor (Natural and Harmonic) and D Major Scales.  Zipping back home, old papers are re-graded





to the evening class,

which proceeds from The Crusades through Guillaume Dufay,

looking towards the end of the Renaissance for next week.  Ah, yes, somewhere in there, it is impossible to believe that the day's pdf and composition work is done (pdf Merton Songs 14, composition 15th measure Psalm 86 and 23rd page Decameron) -- and almost as unlikely to find that, for the first time since December 2 (when the temp re-reached 73), the temperature has reached a summery high of 72.