February 12 - A Valentine in Season

Pdf Merton Songs 7 (Beginning III. Two Airmen) and compose Psalm 87 (measure 8) and The Decameron (page 16), before heading off to the Valentines Day 

"Pick Your Own Aria" Concert

Benefit for Goat Hall Productions at

Julia Morgan Chamber Arts House,

the program


Giacomo Puccini - Gianni Schicchi: O Mio Babbino Caro

Kimberly Anderman, Alexander Katsman

Franz Schubert - The Shepherd on the Rock

Eliza O'Malley, Peter Josheff

Mona Lyn Reese - Three Fat Women of Antibes: Food for Love

Cary Ann Rosko

JJ Hollingsworth

Cabaret Cantata: Mr. Honor My Request

Maria Mikheyenko

Pomp and Circumstances: A Wrinkle in Time

Kim and Mark Anderman

John Bilotta

Trifles: I Know What Stillness Is

Alix Jerinic, Maria Mikheyenko

This Autumn Day

Cary Rosko

Claude Debussy - C'est l'extase langoureuse

Sarita Cannon

Leo Delibes - Lakme: Flower Duet

Cary Ann Rosko, Eliza O'Malley

Mark Alburger - The Wind God: I Loved Him

Harriet March Page

Gustav Mahler - Songs of a Wayfarer: IV

Allan Crossman

Robert Schumann - Kennst du das Land

Sibel Demirmen

W.A. Mozart

The Magic Flute: Bei Mannern, welche Liebe

Ann Callaway, Richard Mix

A great evening, socially and financially, including a silent auction, in which somehow we are gifted classic records by Boulez, Crumb, Davidovsky, Kupferman, Sollberger, et al (from John, who has all the rep now on CD, iTunes, etc) -- and

The Complete Works of Bertolt Brecht.