February 6 - Themes and Variations

Again, barely enough time to do the 21st-Century Music update (provisional conclusion of March 2012 and beginning of the day-to-day accounting for April),




to DVC, the parking situation definitely calming down by this, Week 3, with the keyboard / solfege / board harmony as Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 ("Choral"): IV.  -- the "Ode to Joy" theme, but transposed to C Major (from D), slightly rhythmically simplified from the original.  Also play the Guido's Hand demonstration, and begin looking at Composition 1's, ending with Shannon Brumley's intriguing evocation of F# Melodic Minor.

Homeward in fairer weather with two stops (Harriet out on Goat Hall work, but back in the evening), beginning pdf for Merton Songs (Op. 30), composing a third measure re Psalm 87 (Op. 197) and page 10 of The Decameron (Op. 200) -- both of us multi-tasking to

Driving Lessons (2006) in the

later hours.