February 28 - Clouded

After preparing for both Theory and the substitute teaching gig well into the night, rise to work on 21st-Century Music items before heading off to Diablo.  Perhaps it is the compromised parking situation, but after carrying the material for Brett's class separately into the music building (to ensure that the session will be remembered), somehow all the material gets piled up together upon arrival, and, after the Dictation / Keyboard-Solfege / Board Harmony on Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas: When I Am Laid, somehow all endeavors beyond are overlooked, by lingering overlong with students in need of tutorial.  Alas, will have to cover entire Baroque in 75 minutes, during the second substitute session later this week...

Catch a quick lunch and return to grade papers before the evening class, where we proceed through the Renaissance in a slightly more reasonable three hours,

looking ahead to Claudio Monteverdi, Heinrich Schutz, et. al. for next week.  Out with Owen, meeting  Doreen, thereafter, and returning for late night pdf'ing and composing (Merton Songs 21, Psalm 88 5, Decameron 30).