February 13 - Every Step of the Way

Week 4 in Theory,

after standard 21st-Century Music work and the morning commute,

with dictation / keyboard-solfege on Thomas of Celano's Dies Irae, plus work on vertical intervals against a drone (including the Major and Perfect intervals of a Major Scale).

Home past




Chinese Wall, Dinosaur Ridge of 680 and beyond to 80's

Fairfield Pyramids, Poverty Hills, and

Lagoon Mountinas under dramatic skies, to produce the pdf of Merton Songs page 7 and compose the 8th measure for Psalm 86 and 17th sheet re The Decameron.  Also manage to do a piano reduction and analysis of Perotin's Hec Dies, meaures 1-9, discovering that it operates in this short run as a three-chord piece in A: basically, i5, bVII5, bII5 -- remapping the chords in the second phrase such that it can be perceived in G: I5, bIII5, ii... with that last Am as a very early use of a triad.

Before long,

out again in the vibrant evening,

returning down the corridor past Cherry Valley,

the Sulfur






St. John Mine Mountain Ranch, and the

Vallejo Pass Cliffs

area (with views west to Mt. Tamalpais) --

heading to

San Francisco

Community Music

Center for a fevered Kurt Weill Threepenny Opera rehearsal, with

Harriet March Page, Michelle Jasso, Allison Lovejoy, John Bilotta,

Sibel Demirmen, and Zoltan DiBartolo -- in such selections and scenes as




"Mac, last night I had a dream",

The Ballad of 

Sexual Dependency,

"You'll get 10 shillings, Jenny", and

Tango Ballad and a brisk