June 27 - For the Records

Fulfilling all righteousness, the board for Music Literature as of the moment, pretty much the same as yesterday (where one will find written version as well as photo) on a

Diablo day proceeding from

Perotin through Ars Antiqua motets (roughly the 1200's, with brief allusions to music of Northwest Africa and Southeast Asia), returning home to welcome -- with Harriet -- the return of Tisha and Claire, the four of us dining together.  In the evening: unload the van of all matters Kurt Weillian Happy Endian, pedal Harriet's bike up to the local petrol stop for re-inflationary purposes, then breathlessly proceed apace to finish the first movement of Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"), Op. 204, pretty much doubling the length, with 26 new pages for a total of 53 (duration, 5:52).