June 17 - Seeing Stars

Happy Father's Day to George, who with Bette, made me, and

Crystal, who, thanks to Carolyn, made me one.  Call both to wish them all the happiness of the day, and catch G & B, with Ann, in Princeton, enjoying a cloudy, humid day -- as opposed to our 97 dry heat.

Shelter in place most of the afternoon, watching the moving Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities, as translated into the 1935 film, working on compositions, orchestration, and pdf, as below...

Psalms, Book IV, Op. 202 - Psalm 98  - 5th system
The Decameron - Second Day, Op. 203 - 12
Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"), Op. 204 - 18
Violin Concerto ("Ticklish") - 54
Crystal Series - 28

Dickensonian tragedy strikes, with the 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive giving up the ghost ("cannot read disk").  Dust off the old 500 MB Drive, which has much of the old video and picture collections (anything slightly over a year old), and begin transferring all documents and music over, plus recent pictures.  Most of the videos and pictures of the past year are respectively on YouTube and Blogspot, and all of the documents and music are on the laptop, so the loss could have been worse.  Explore the notion of online storage to no conclusive effect, and anxiously await the morrow when a new larger hard drive can be purchased and an attempt will be made to see if the 1 TB WD can be fixed, or at least have data extracted from it.  Make an appointment at the Walnut Creek Apple Store for the following afternoon to begin that exploration.