June 18 - Leaping Ahead

First day of the summer semester,

out by 7am,

through sun



anticipating an 8:15 start time, arriving 7:45, and lo, sign on the door says class is at 8.  Many other folks are not aware of this either, as we start with about 20, but by 8:20 have 49.  Turns out there's a reason for our confusion: class actually does start (as in past years) at the quarter hour... reports of the earlier start time are greatly exaggerated...

Seems like a fine time is had by a fine group of students --

to get up so early four days a week for six weeks in summer!  Cover some of the basics, focussing on Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra: Introduction, and beginning discussion of Gustav Holst's The Planets: I. Mars.  Latter will continue tomorrow, plus lingering with Edgar Varese's Poeme Electronique, before the 10:00 hour of reckoning with

Quiz 1.

Thereafter, home for a few hours, still catching up from the recent Southern California trip, then a new trip south to the Walnut Creek Apple Store, trying to find out if there's any hope for the 1 TB Western Digital external hard drive.  Doesn't look like it.  They recommend a service in Concord, which refers me to a Novato enterprise that will pull the old files out (if they can) for a minimum of $700.  Well, let's wait on that a bit, shall we?

Back in the local area,

Best Buy a new 1.5 terabyte Seagate -- let's hope this is more reliable, and begin backing up the old 750 MB WD.  Bottom line is that no documents or music has been lost, since all is on the MacBook.  Old video and pictures (before April 2011) are saved, too, plus anything that's been posted on YouTube and Blogspot.  So will just have to proceed more carefully with two hard-drive backups of the laptop from this point forward....

Harriet and Tisha out at tech rehearsal for Kurt Weill Happy End much of the day, while composition, orchestra, and pdf work looks like this:

Psalms, Book IV, Op. 202 - Psalm 98  - 6th system
The Decameron - Second Day, Op. 203 - page 13
Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"), Op. 204 - 19
Violin Concerto ("Ticklish") - 55
Crystal Series - 29