March 11 - The Distant Bells

Begin composition of Op. 202 --

Psalms, Book IV -- with Psalm 90, after Charles Ives's setting, as Harriet takes off for rehearsal, and continue the day's endeavors with pdf for page 33 Merton Songs (beginning the second part of La Comparsa en Oriente), continue composing The Decameron (42), and finish editing Symphony No. 3 (271-81).

Also do a Garrishtone Ensemble recording and video of Suite ("Sol[ar]") for Oboe, Piano, and Percussion: VI. Asteroids, on the first day of welcome early evening sunshine, this being the start of Daylight Savings.

Funny that the peripheral time-keepers (computer and phone) do a perfect job of making the jump, but the dedicated machines (old-style clocks) do not...