March 13 - Idea Bank

Harriet out early, following soon enough to rendezvous with the Theoreticians for short video selections re Frederic Chopin's Piano Prelude No. 4 in E Minor and Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto (Quartet and a bit of the Storm), followed by Dictation / Board Harmony on the latter's Aida: Triumphal March and a very impressive piece by Erik Wilson for piano three-hands (only two performed so far, but stay tuned).  Home again, grading papers and trying to determine an updated Romanticism 2 repertory for the Historians,

gleaning through old music texts to compare coverage (similar process had been done year's earlier re 20th-Century Music, in pages of of the Journal -- chart above done rather hastily).  Harriet finally returns, but soon out again and back for the evening class, proceeding again in a basically all-video fashion through Classicism and Early Romanticism, as follows:

C.P.E. Bach - Solfeggietto
F.J. Haydn - Symphony No. 45 ("Farewell"), Symphony No. 94 ("Surprise"): II
W.A. Mozart - Violin Concerto No. 5 ("Turkish"): III, Requiem: Confutatis (via Amadeus)
Beethoven - Symphony No. 5, Symphony No. 9: IV
Berlioz - Symphonie Fantastique
Chopin - Piano Prelude No. 4 in E Minor
Verdi - Rigoletto: Quartet and Storm

Quiz on same,

looking ahead to next week.

Out late with Owen and company before return.  Somehow the day's pdf (Merton Songs, 35) and compositional (The Decameron, 44; Psalm 90, 3) activities are accomplished as well