March 10 - Frontiers

Home all day with Harriet, lots of catch-up, including pdf re Merton Songs (32, finishing the first part of VIII. La Comparsa en Oriente), finishing the composition of Psalm 89 (8 pages total) and continuing that for The Decameron (page 41, beginning First Day / Novel V - "The Marchioness of Monferrato, by a Banquet of Hens Seasoned with Wit, Checks the Mad Passion of the King of France"), and editing Symphony No. 3 (261-270).

Very pleased to note that the forced update of YouTube channels is not as bad as expected... in fact, it's pretty good, once one buys into the "Featured" "Creator" mode, such that all one's playlists can be displayed (.  It's also possible that the Playlist description area has been expanded (not totally sure of this, but now noticed, since it is necessary to expand such since re-ordering function is gone).  On htat note, drawbacks seem to be that the

-- Playlists cannot be re-ordered (apparently stuck with date of creation order -- a useless organizational principle here and elsewhere online [some aspects of Facebook, for further instance]),

-- Old channel comments are gone (glad to have saved most elsewhere) as well as "Friends" (which can be rectified by mutual "subscriptions")

-- Video info and subscribers are not apparent in the "Channel" mode.

After flirting with the notion of beginning to move everything over to Vimeo, decide instead to continue with YT by uploading Suite ("Sol[ar]"): V. Mars, at top.