March 22 - Clouds Clearing

A faulty alarm setting disallows the weekly walk with Crystal, alas.  So after a pdf of page 44 Merton Songs,

it's Diablo-wise for Quiz 9 with the


musical examples therein including selections from Charles Ives, Scott Joplin, Claude Debussy, and Igor Stravinsky.  Linger thereafter with students and in the lab -- lots of catching up chat, but somehow am able to make all the preparations for the recording of Symphony No. 3: IV, learning that by turning off the "Human Playback" in Finale before making a MIDI that the results will be pure, obviating the need to go into the Cubase Browser Window to strip off Controller information (a big deal, saving hours of work).

Homeward briefly, via a jaunt for recording supplies, to compose ensuing sheets of The Decameron (53) and Psalm 90 (12),








San Francisco's

Bindlestiff Studio with

Harriet for the premiere of

Erling Wold's  

Certitude and Joy -- a very impressive show, with

Zofo (Keisuke Nakagoshi and Eva-Marie Zimmerman) at the pianos,

stage direction by Jim Cave (Steve Mobia and Joshua Kosman in attendance), and

ensemble pairs of singers (Laura Bohn and

Jo Vincent Parks),

dancers (choreographer Kerry Mehling and

Travis Santell Rowland),

actors (Bob Ernst and

Talya Patrick),

and the composer-as-character (i.e. Ernst portraying Erling) and

participant (the real Erling speaking, singing, and

dancing).  Also, Erling's first turn as librettist.

Controversial and magnificent as usual, comparatively and surprisingly clear in its through-line.