March 20 - Dualities

Pdf Merton Songs 42, compose Decameron 51 and Psalm 90 10, and blast off for

Diablo, where the Theoreticians eagerly away videos of Pierrot Lunaire: I and VIII before a spin on Twelve-Tone Music and Dictation and Board Harmony on Igor Stravinsky's Firebird: Finale.

After a fair amount of tutorial, return home via errands to prepare for the evening class, updating videos and playlist re 20th-Century I.






we proceed at a surprisingly sane pace from Richard Wagner through Jan Sibelius (will backtrack to Erik Satie next week, however),

looking towards the amazing turn of the last century.  Out late with Owen and company, with his interesting comments re Max Bruch, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Bela Bartok (the latter particularly re Piano Concerto No. 1).