March 8 - All So Seeing

The sun rises before the early departure to Marin --

a first for the year --

on one of the most gloriously clear days in this

just-about-onece-a-week-for-the-past-365 regimen,


only a

strange foggy smoke

(or smoky fog) at Marine World Whatever.

Over the

Napa Marshes


Petaluma Plain,

after errands,

pick up Crystal and Stanley at their place and proceed to the Open Space,

which is looking as spectacular as ever.

A nice chat, then drop off S back at the apartment and C at the transit station, before heading off to the also-scenic

East Bay

to rendezvous with the

Theoreticians for

Quiz 7, featuring examples drawn from J.S. and C.P.E. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Franz Xaver. Gruber, and Frederic Chopin. 

Linger late with those that need extra help, touch base with Jon Bendich re last night's substitution, and beeline to the Business



Arts Division


various logistics. 

Home thereafter, for general catch-up, plus

pdf Merton Songs (30),
composition of Psalm 89 (6) and The Decameron (39)
editing Symphony No. 3 (pages 241-250)

plus taking in the Dead Water episode of Inspector Alleyn with Harriet over savory homemade comestibles.