April 1 - Great Times

One day away from an official 55th, take in the broadcast of the San Francisco Symphony's 100th-year gala with Harriet, while engaging in general catch-up on a rare collision of April Fools Day and Palm Sunday, including the daily 21st-Century Music update, plus beginning the incorporation of Psalm 92 into the Book IV collection, doing pdf of Merton Songs (54), and composing The Decameron (63).

Also view Mission Impossible, Season 2, 9. The Seal,

10. The Charity,

11.-12. The Council, and

13. The Astrologer over the course of activities.

In the evening, two PBS presentations with Harriet (a serendipity of Great Whales and

Great Expectations [Charles Dickens, 1861 / 2012]), while confirming personnel and rehearsal plans for April 14's Fresh Voices XII: Not Shy and Retiring -- Mark Alburger's 55th and Friends.