April 4 - Chop and Carry

Home with Harriet, nominally still a vacation day, but pretty much back to work, in catch up, including matters musical, such as pdf for Merton Songs, page 55, composition of The Decameron (64), and incorporation of Psalm 92 (2) into the Psalms, Book IV collection.

Also post Suite ("Sol[ar]") for Oboe, Piano, and Percussion: VIII. Saturn on YouTube and Facebook, edit piano part/score re Triple Concerto for Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and Harp, and during the course of such activities, take in a number of Mission Impossible: Season Two episodes...

16. The Spy

17. A Game of Chess

18. The Emerald

19. The Condemned

20. The Counterfeiter

21. The Town

22. The Killing

23. The Phoenix.