April 17 - The Picture Thus Far

Proceed in Music Literature from Alban Berg's Wozzeck through Conlon Nancarrow's Study No. 3 ("Boogie Woogie"), looking ahead to Quiz 12 as above.

The day begins with Pdf of Merton Songs 67, and composition re The Decameron 76 and Psalm 93 (fifth system),


on the

blue side of the

fog towards the

Diablo Valley College Theoreticians for short video clips from Olivier Messiaen (Quartet for the End of Time), John Cage (Sonata No. 5), Nancarow, and Leonard Bernstein (West Side Story: Cool) -- followed by the latter composer's Chichester Psalms: II for dictation and board harmony.

Home to grade papers, then reverse


once again for the late show.