April 7 - Sines of the Thyme

Pdf of Merton Songs, page 58, then

out and down (certainly not down and out) Diablo-wise

beyond pedestrian


for a Decameron rehearsal (for Not Shy and Retiring) with Sarita Cannon and Wayne Wong -- just the first piece... Ser Ciappelletto (with new video) -- and also two of the three movements constituting Psalm 92, with roles as follow:

The Decameron: First Day - Novel I, Ser Ciappelletto

First Money Lender / Friar - Sarita
Second Money Lender - Mark
Ser Ciappelletto / First Money Lender - Wayne

Psalm 92

II. "...Unicorn..." - Tenor - Mark, Piano - Wayne
III.  "...Palm Trees..." - Soprano - Sarita,  Piano - Mark


via errands, to compose Decameron 67 (finishing VI. A Worthy Man...) and incorporate Psalm 92 (5) into the Psalms, Book IV collection.