April 9 - Mountains Alive with the Sound

A 21st-Century Music update and down Diablo Valley for the Richard Rodger's Sound of Music: Do-Re-Mi as dictation / keyboard-solfege / board harmony for the Theoreticians (plus Whole-Step/Half-Step, Half-Step/Whole-Step, and Blues Lydian Scales), followed by work in the lab,

where Theory alumnus Chris Lee holds forth, and Tritone Orchestra recordings are made of

Symphony No. 5: IIId
Psalm 76
The Cop and the Anthem: IV
The Decameron: First Day - Novel IV "A Monk Falls into Grievous Sin"

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Pdf, Merton Songs, 60, beginning XII. Hymn of Not Much Praise...
Composition, Decameron 69
Incorporation, Psalm 92 (7) into Psalms, Book IV