April 25 - Thereby a Tale

Pdf of Merton Songs 75, under gray skies to Diablo, with the Theoreticians for two Philip Glass video excerpts (Music with Changing Parts and Koyaanisqatsi), Quiz 13 review (Figured Bass, with voice-leading, examples utilizing Glass Einstein on the Beach, Rogers et al Shine on You Crazy Diamond: III, and John Williams Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back), plus imaginative student compositions (now on round 3) from Saurab Deepak, Mathew Johnson, and Tony Lopes.  Lab time following entails Tritone Orchestra recordings of

Psalm 81 "Sing Joyfully" (Op. 197, No. 9)
Psalm 93 "Dominus Regnavit" (Op. 202, No. 4) --

the latter after finishing its composition with system 13 --



to Harriet (who has not received a call back from ATT -- her internet is still down, so we have to share current laptop so that she has a chance to keep up with email, etc.) and more composition of The Decameron, page 84.