September 29 - Buzz

At last an unscheduled day - so, schedule it up with more musical madness --

Score-study Varese's Octandre, pages 23-24
Fourth-page pdf for Lot in Life: I. Lottery
Detail edit of The Decameron - Second Day: VIII (6-10)
Compose DTD: I (6)

-- bookending a blitz to

the barber's, adjacent to an Octoberfest,

as well as various errands,

returning for more colorful events with Harriet.

Amongst the purely technical tasks of the interval, learn how to move around accents in Finale -- and at somepoint near this finally figure out how to simply select notes in the program (without having to specify rhythm -- essential in tuplet figuations and, as usual, not at all intuitive... but, once it's divined, it works)...